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The Ones We Don’t Know We Don’t Know

Well, that happened more quickly than I expected. Someone from my Dad’s birth family wrote back just a day or two after I messaged them. Last weekend they sent me their phone number. My Dad called and had a nice chat with a cousin. At some point, I will drive my Dad to his birth family’s hometown to meet this cousin, outdoors, in a park or something. We are still in a pandemic, after all. Hopefully, the cousin can convince some of the closest family members to join us. I’m keeping my expectations low. My Dad and I have lived our lifetimes full of unanswered queries. Some of them mundane, related to medical history. But also bigger, “who are we” type questions. Those may never be answered. I do wish my brother had lived long enough to see this situation unfold along with us.

Other bittersweet topics:

Last weekend I explored a suburban park I’d never been to. I had the place mostly to myself as I walked around a lake with some neat wooden walkways. On the way home, I found a vegetable stand where I picked up six amazingly delicious ears of sweet corn and some berries. The sweet corn was gone in under 24 hours. The raspberries seemed like they would go bad quickly so I transformed them into a delicious simple syrup. Now that it’s September we have to squeeze out the last bits of summer joy before the winter ahead. And planning for our long pandemic winter has me looking up different workout videos and tracking down kicksleds for sale.

Newest mask to add to the rotation

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