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Uncomfortably Numb

Trauma is nothing new for me. Before all this I’d been working through some past shit. But these current conditions have put everything on pause. I’m an artist but I don’t feel creative. Most days I’m just trying to get by. Going into this past weekend I was disheartened by so many things. In particular, the idiots protesting to “open up” the economy again, whatever that means. And a former married co-worker resurfaced out of the blue to proposition me (during a pandemic?) again so yeah, why not heap some weird vibes on top of my pandemic fatigue and burnout. And I didn’t even want to cook anymore, which is something I generally find therapeutic. Laundry? Forget about it. Right now I feel very little beyond exhaustion. But it will come. Later. And I do have an appointment with my therapist next month. She has been on maternity leave all year. I know I’m not alone on this roller coaster. This twitter thread sums it up perfectly.

Here are five better things:

Blue skies and melting snow

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