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I Could Live in Hope

Last night I felt exceptionally useless. I ordered pizza delivery. After work I sat on the couch drinking a White Claw and cramming greasy cheese pizza into my face while playing more Animal Crossing. I also pondered the newest adaptation of Dune (with all of the stars in it, ALL OF THEM) and watched the pilot episode of Run. Which I will keep on watching. Man, I am a sucker for the gorgeous Domhnall Gleeson. It was a perfectly comfortable evening and I am ok with occasionally zoning out after a day of work, staring at my screens. But I feel like I need to be doing more. I don’t have the energy to work on my novel right now, and that’s ok. But I want to be doing something for others. After listening to the latest 99% Invisible episode, about unhoused people in the Bay Area, I volunteered to be a Meals on Wheels delivery driver. It seems like something that can be done safely and they do have contactless protocols in place. And I’m paying this ridiculous car payment plus insurance for a Subaru that is just sitting in my driveway.

This morning I also received my government stimulus check. I’m still working, my main job at least, so I turned around and donated a portion of it to a few organizations. And used some of it to buy a half share in the Open Farms CSA for this summer. I’d like to find other ways to help in the coming months. My classes at the college may pick up again in the Fall, once they figure out remote learning for Continuing Education courses. And then I will have much less free time (again). I do hope to find a way to teach my curriculum, for free, to younger learners over the summer.

Social distancing at the cemetery

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