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Holding Pattern

An unfinished puzzle has been on our dining room table for over a month. The dishwasher died before that. The bathroom sink is leaking. The whole place could use a serious deep cleaning but I’m just keeping my head above water for now. On Friday I put on a dress and lipstick for the first time in ages and listened to the same song on repeat too many times and started worrying that we’re getting a little too Grey Gardens over here.

Five items of note:

On Saturday, my son and I engaged in Morrow-style social distancing. We hadn’t seen my folks at all in 2020, even though they only live 21 miles away. They do not have internet, so no video calls. We drove over and stood around on their front lawn, shouting up at them on their 2nd floor deck. I adore my dear weird Dad. Before we arrived he left an unexpected package outside for me, with inexplicable contents. He bequeathed to me a waterpik(?), a patterned tote bag, and a random assortment of DVDs. My son and I watched the 1938 version of The Adventures of Robin Hood last night. It has excellent elevated frame rate fight scenes with Errol Flynn. Anyhow, it was excellent to see my Dad and his wife. I wanted to give him a hug but did not. After our shouting match from a safe distance we turned around and went straight back home.

Showing off my tiger

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