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Apostle of Amateurism

I feel like it would take until next year for me to catch up with the coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. I haven’t even seen the opening ceremonies yet! I’ve been too busy with trip planning mode. And we have no cable service or any sort of television reception to speak of. I have seen some excellent photos though.

Five good things for this pre-vacation Monday:

Speaking of cardboard contraptions…I do hope we can get to Caine’s Arcade on this trip. I’ll be traveling with my son and my boyfriend. I’ve been to Los Angeles many times before, but not with either of them. I’m attempting to line up visits to places all three of us may enjoy. Like Giant Robot, Griffith Observatory, the La Brea tar pits, LACMA and the Fairfax Farmers Market. But I’m open to any other suggestions for the Los Angeles / Pasadena area!

Fierce Emily, with Team Clockwork headband

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