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Simplicity is Always Hardest

The great debate…which electronic devices to bring along on our trip? I’d like my smartphone to be enough but will I go through withdrawal if I leave my laptop at home? Does my son need his tablet and his Nintendo DS? Oh this modern life.

Five fun or funny or futuristic things for this Friday:

  • A good tie-in with the intrusion of technology into our lives…this short futuristic film called Sight. Wow. Chilling.
  • I know the kid would enjoy this (he’s down with dogs more than I am) - tonight it’s the annual Dog Parade in NE Minneapolis. It “winds through the neighborhood with dog-themed prizes, refreshments, & giveaways.” Maybe. The boyfriend would rather go see Dr. Dog in the main room. Meh-aybe.
  • I’m more compelled by tomorrow night’s activities in North Minneapolis. Join The World’s Longest Soul Train! - “Obsidian Arts invites you and your organization to join the Minneapolis-Saint Paul community in its effort to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Soul Train Line. On Saturday July 28, 2012 we will take over an eight-block stretch of West Broadway Avenue for this purpose.” Heck yeah.
  • The weather is finally giving us another little breather (I’m even wearing socks today!) so it’s time to explore the newest patios in town. Here’s a nice round-up.
  • Seems like autism is always in the news lately. Most recently? An story about “How Autism is Changing the World for Everybody” and locally about creating a future for autistic adults. That is particularly relevant to me, as my son is quickly becoming a young man.

Oh, I talked to my Dad the other day. He’s tickled that I’ve begun transcribing his dreams! And he has more to hand off to me. You can read what I’ve got so far over here, at Deep Thoughts With Werewolf Cop.

Talia scowls

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