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The Victims of Bad Timing

June is usually my favorite month. And not just because of my birthday. It generally marks the end of a school year (for me, when I was younger and now for my son) and the beginning of amazing weather and summer fun times at the beach and picnicking and at the drive-in. But this year’s June? It can get bent. I have my reasons. It all began with hundreds of flying ants swarming my bedroom one night. And the clutch dying on my car the next day. And me coming down with a sinus infection immediately after that - that I still haven’t kicked - and then? I FREAKING CRASHED MY CAR. That I had just put $1000 into repairing. In 23 years of licensed driving I’d never hit anyone before. The good news? No one was hurt. Because I hit a giant Cadillac Escalade at maybe 5mph. And even though my car was totaled I have it back already. Hooray, that sad-making and stressful month is over and now it’s July!

Five other good things:

  • July = heat wave. Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend took me to a Twins game, where we roasted until the shade reached our section in the 7th inning. Later he surprised me by showing up at my place with his toolbox and volunteering to drag our a/c units out of storage and install them in my bedroom and my son’s. We slept very well last night.
  • The 4th of July is smack dab in the middle of the week this year, so we’ll be staying in town. But we have fun plans lined up with friends we adore.
  • I love this so much: Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor. And this post about Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits.
  • This is intense: Canadian artist Heather Benning wanted to evoke a life without Internet, flat-screen televisions, or air conditioning. The dollhouse she has created definitely accomplishes that goal, transforming an abandoned farmhouse in Saskatchewan into a life-size version of the classic childhood toy. After renovating the interior, the artist filled the house with furniture and decor dating back to 1968, when it was abandoned. She left the exterior untouched, creating two co-existing worlds — the inside reveals a place immune to the effects of time, whereas the outside shows a house that is decayed and derelict. The contrast speaks to the passage of time, childhood play, memory, and nostalgia.
  • I finally made the time to call and complain to CenturyLink about my bill. They’re lowering it by $15/month and crediting me $15/month for the last eight months.

In other taking care of business news, while busting my ass the other night to locate my car’s title and other paperwork for the insurance company I realized I hadn’t filed my 2011 taxes yet. Doh. Generally not a big deal because I always get money back rather than owe it. But I gathered all the necessary documents in one place and plan to see an accountant STAT. And this morning I’m returning a bag of cloaks after having borrowed them a year and a half ago for a photo project. And then meeting with the bride and groom from two weekends ago to hand over their photo files. And then we can hopefully have some fun times which may or may not involve an air conditioned movie theater and Pixar’s Brave. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing Magic Mike but I’ll save that for ladies night.

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