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Fresh, Noisy and Alive

The last 48 hours have been particularly odd. And interesting. And vexing. Filled with promise, with situations both fantastic and terrifying. I am trying to keep expectations low…particularly in regard to the house. A potential buyer has suddenly materialized. My panic levels have been rising FAST about that, and other things. Next week I send my son off to fly solo to the East Coast. He’s done it before and he was fiiiiine. Even so, he is my only child and we are so rarely apart. When he returns we won’t have much time before school starts so we’ve got to pack in a lot of fun this weekend, as well as a back-to-school shopping trip. Eep.

To take my mind off of matters, how about some cat time? And hey, the company I am employed by is cool. But we already knew that.

masked, inside Sky Pesher

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