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Trouble Until the Robins Come

Somehow I’ve seen two 80s era David Lynch movies in the last week, with the same companion. First a showing of “Dune” at the Turf Club (fun to watch among die-hard and drunken fans). Then “Blue Velvet” at The Loring Theater for David Lynch Night (I “won” half a cherry pie). We may need to move on to some of his more recent work like “Lost Highway” or “Mullholland Drive.” Come to think of it, I never did get around to seeing “Inland Empire.”

Five things that aren’t simply good, they are great:

Parenting and homeownership have something in common - other than the figure-it-out-as-you-go method I’ve been employing for both since 1999. Both are very task-oriented. Manage to accomplish one item on the endless To Do list and three more crop up. But today I’m feeling pretty good. Like I’m on top of things. Though I shouldn’t jinx myself. Life always has a way of throwing pocket sand in my face.

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