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The Law of Unintended Consequences

Oh my. I was so focused on our own hectic schedules and timelines that a crucial detail escaped me. I seem to have scheduled my son’s birthday party on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Drat. I hope that doesn’t put anyone off. Life does go on. My son is proof of that. He was only a toddler when the towers fell and now he’s nearly a teenager. But now I’m thinking about that bizarre morning commute. I clearly remember dropping the boy off at daycare and listening to MPR on the car radio when details of the attacks were being pieced together. I walked into my office just in time to catch the live coverage on the kitchen televisions.

To make up for that downer, how about five (or more) really wonderful things?

And speaking of lost time…somehow I missed this recent story: “Revealed after 60 years… the real Green Lady whose face is on a million living room walls” (via Isabel Samaras) I have a Vladmir Tretchikoff print of my own, in my bedroom, but it’s of his “Miss Wong” model.

Get Voytek-ed!


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