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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

We’ve had a rough start to the week, and year. Seems to have become an annual tradition. 2006? My son Felix was stillborn. 2007? My ex-husband moved out and my cat died. 2008? Projectile vomiting (with no alcohol involved). 2009? A broken picture window. 2010? An injured appendage. This time around it’s my potentially broken sewer main. Backing up into the basement. With POOP. And me being too broke to do anything about it until payday. Which, thankfully, is this Friday. Until then we’re using as little water at home as possible. I even showered at work today. I feel lucky to have that option.

Let’s roll with five good things for the first hump day of 2011:

In news of the good, the kiddo and I are feeling mostly recovered from last week’s illness. We may be pushing our luck with some after dark sledding tonight but it’s with friends and we could use some happy fun times. Even if they are to be had on some cold cold hills. Rumor has it there may be a flask of something for the grown-ups to warm up with. And I’ll be bringing hot cocoa for the lad.

Emily, smacking her forehead

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