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Oh I’d Love To Wear A Rainbow Everyday…

On this, the first day of September, there is too much to report.

  • First off, waferbaby is back, and I am glad of it…even if it is a bittersweet sort of return.
  • Another fine episode of Making Fiends (#19) is up, and you can Get a Grudge (Vendetta’s large fiend-hamster, on a t-shirt) while you’re over there.
  • In a few days, long-time friend and sometimes collaborator Cathy Camper is on the move, to Portland. I hope all goes well, especially with driving the cats cross country.
  • The little man’s main kindergarten teacher is on the move too, unfortunately. Their schoolyear just started in July…but today was her last day. There’s a long story behind it, one that I’m not privy to, but I wish her the best. And can’t help but hope for a replacement nearly as good as she was, at least. Sigh.
  • Lately I’ve read about “The Two Body Problem” in more than one place. Naturally I think in terms of Science Fiction, so this sounds much more sinister than it really is…maybe I’ll spin it into a short story.
  • There’s a Children’s Book Festival coming up that looks pretty neat, even if it is in the ‘burbs. Sadly it’s the same day as the little man’s 6th birthday party. This is a dilemma that the Two Body Problem could, theoretically, solve. Hmmm.
  • Yesterday I listened to Kaia’s song Off for the first time in years, and it evoked memories and feelings of a very specific window of time. Also went on a bit of a Nina Simone bender (the iPod currently has 49 of her songs on it), and that’s bound to make anyone moody.
  • I get my daily dose of reality every evening, when I turn NPR on while making dinner. The news is never good. Yesterday I was horrified by disasters, both human-made (the bridge stampede in Baghdad) and natural (the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina). And I can’t wrap my head around either.

Bonus: I wish this event had happened when I was actually in San Francisco: Neil Gaiman, in conversation with Michael Chabon. Two of my very favorite authors. Oh well.