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A Whole Lot Of Aching Going On

Still recovering from the weekend. Saturday was idyllic. Sunday was pure hell. Woke up with another damned migraine and spent the entire day flat on my back in a dark room. And I had plans. Plans within plans. All for naught. Still feeling the lingering effects of it - exhaustion (yes, even though I was just lying down all day pain will wear a person out), tenderness, achiness and sensitivity to light, sound and smells. Oh so much fun to be me. But it’d better not happen again next weekend. Maria, who showed us such a good time in the Bay Area, will be here for a few days. Friday night there’s a pirate party to attend, and Sunday morning a brunch thingie. And on Saturday…Stories with Sara, at the Walker Art Center. Sara being Sara Varon, comic book artist extraordinaire. Should be fun. Also fun and family-friendly…I’d long heard rumors of a cool Japanese exhibit coming to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Rumor is becoming a reality. Jump to Japan opens September 24th, complete with the cat bus and a giant stuffed Totoro. Not sure who will be more excited, the little man or myself.
Bonus:…double-breasted jackets make short men look like small tough meaty boxes
Plus: Maybe it was the wicked witch?