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Among The Occasionally Deluded

I was just going to lie down for a little while. You know, rest my eyes for a spell before heading to the party. But that’s how it happens every time. When the ladies called to check in on me the husband told them I was already sound asleep. It wasn’t even 9pm. So there went my Friday night. Saturday I managed to get the little man to the Walker Art Center’s family day. But we arrived late, and didn’t stick around for too long. Sunday morning we did make it to Anodyne, to meet up with the ladies at 8:30am, so two out of three (plans coming together) ain’t bad. The rest of the weekend was rather quiet. The guys played the GameCube entirely too much while I devoured any books that came near me (it’s the most effective way to ignore my To Do list, and the World at Large, and to ignore the guilt of ignoring both, and it also helps keep the migraines at bay). Friday afternoon I started reading Reflex, the sequel to Jumper, and finished it Saturday morning. Then it was on to Sean Stewart’s Perfect Circle, which I quite enjoyed (I’ve liked his other books as well). Next up was Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s A Fistful Of Sky. Soon I’ll need to pick upThe Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse, which was recommended to me, by someone whose opinion I trust. But I’d pick it up just for the title alone. Apparently some fans of Jasper Fforde are fond of it, and I certainly am a Fforde fan. Also another fantastic title, this non-fiction selection, Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants, looks like it’s up my alley. But for now, it’s the start of another work week and school week, with assorted errands, tasks and chores heaped on top of the daily grind. Yay.
Plus: A roundup of some music-related Katrina relief efforts.