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Hey Look, I’m Dancing Crazy

Today feels…weird. It’s the day before the end of NaNoWriMo for 2004. And I think I’m going to make it after all. This morning I put in a good stretch, 2 1/2 hours of solid writing at the neighborhood coffee shop, which garnered me another 2000 words…but I kept getting distracted. Halfway through I moved to a different chair, one next to an outlet, but the spot was way too sunny so I was all warm and sleepy. Then three different groups of older folks took over the room, all discussing various surgeries and procedures at great length. And it wasn’t even Senior Citizen’s Day (that’s Wednesday). I kept turning up the volume in iTunes to block their plaintive voices out. Until I found myself focusing more on the music than the words I was trying to write. So here I am, home again, now distracted by other stuff. Getting tangled in the web, naturally. Found a whole host of other local bloggers were at Saturday night’s show, some with great photos, others with extra commentary. And one of them is hosting a lovely Xmas themed playlist (I’ve been listening to the Mogwai song repeatedly). Speaking of Xmas, Zophia is hoping that someone gets her a Max Monkey. And holy flurking snit, Chuck quit his job today.
Now I must back away, and crank out just under 3000 words before midnight tomorrow. Definitely doable.
Bonus: Go for it in fast forward.
Plus: Below, red room photo taken by little man. White room photo taken by me, accidentally.
NaNo word count: 47115/50000

taken by the little man
taken by me, accidentally