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Not With A Bang But With A Whimper

All right. So I kind of cheated. When I woke up this morning I told myself I absolutely could not take

I am a winner

a shower until I had reached my 50k. But hovering right around 49,620 words, and 2pm, I couldn’t stand my own stink. So I had a long, hot shower. And had some ideas while in the shower, as I often do. And then I got out, sat down and cranked out the rest of the words. After limping towards the finish line all day (heck, all month really) I finally did it. I paced myself. I wrote when I didn’t feel like writing. I wrote when I was tired and wanted to sleep. Sometimes I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, and then I’d wake up and begin writing again. Some days it was kinda sorta grueling. Others it was cake. But overall it was good fun and completely worth it. And soon I can go back to being a full-time blog mommy. Oh, and mommy to the little man too, natch. After I fix it all in the re-write.
Bonus: A much easier challenge for next month…the 26 Things International Photographic Scavenger Hunt is back in business for December.
NaNo word count: 50060/50000