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I Went Out To Find Some Light

Exhausted. Collapsed into bed just before 3:00am, with the little man rousing me at 7am. Whining to the husband does no good. The man has no sympathy. He made matters worse by telling the little man that mommy is having a pity party today. Naturally the lad pleaded, “I want to come too,” and asked where the balloons were. But still, it was all worth it. The Arcade Fire put on an amazing (and sold out) show last night. And our timing was spot on. My friend and I stopped by Hard Times for a bit beforehand, and got into the 400 Bar while the band was setting up. Just minutes before they began playing I found my peeps, Chuck, Lorika, Spacewaitress and Cheeky Mark, who helped me to weasel my way into a decent spot. True, I missed a good deal of the on stage theatrics (caught a glimpse of R�gine being attacked by a large plastic horse, and witnessed some of the instrument swapping between these talented musicians) but the sound, and surrounding energy, was awesome. Now to catch up on my sleep, and my word count. Just two and a half days until the end of NaNo.

The Arcade Fire

Bonus: A sad story gets a little bit sadder. Hopkin green frog explained.
Extra bonus: I was listening to The Arcade Fire’s song Une Annee Sans Lumiere when I was inspired to set the second half of my novel in Paris, particularly in the Parisian catacombs. In fact, I’ve been listening to Funeral so much while writing said novel that I might recommend my friends do the same while they are reading it. When it’s ready, of course.
Plus: The above photo was taken by a most helpful Mark, who is at least a foot taller than I am. I forced my camera into his hands and asked him to push the big silver button. Thanks, guy :-)
And: I like what Sarah Brown had to say about them: “…sort of like gorgeous sepia-toned undertaker rock, or maybe Neutral Milk Hotel if they rocked harder and had a cute girl and Napoleon Dynamite in the band.”