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Aggressively Considered

the little man thinks it looks like me Instead of doing something productive last night I frittered the evening away a: lost in a good book that I’d had on hold at the library (not really a waste of time in my opinion); b: being drawn into the Plain Layne mystery (debatable); and c: playing around with this portrait illustration/icon making tool (via ljc fyi). Could have spent more time tweaking the nose, but at least the little man thinks it looks like me. That sort of testimonial probably isn’t much better than “my mom thinks I’m cool” but he did point to it and announce “it’s mommy” with no prodding/coaching whatsoever. Honest. Then again, when I was reading Bruce Campbell’s excellent autobiography, If Chins Could Kill, he kept pointing to the picture on the cover, thinking it was the husband. I wish. I mean, er. Never mind.