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The World Before Later On

Oh how I heart NYC. I realized that today marks exactly one year since I returned from my last visit there (reviewing my account of that trip has a. got me all wistful; b. caused me to correct a few typos; and c. made me realize I didn’t take nearly enough photos). Unfortunately I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to go back. But there are always many compelling reasons to do so. Like all the awesome veg-friendly restaurants. Or Sunday afternoons lazing about in Central Park. And interesting events, like the benefit show, held earlier this month, for the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company featuring They Might Be Giants and hosted by Sarah Vowell. Or another upcoming event there, with music by David Byrne and readings by Robert Coover, Susan Choi, Dave Eggers, Elissa Schappell, Rick Moody and host Jonathan Ames. Or 50s-style bingo at the 6th & B Community Gardens. Or the Siren Music Festival at Coney Island. That’s not to say the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is without merit. There is much of interest going on here as well, albeit on a smaller scale. Tonight sees the continuation of the Stevens Square Park summer music and movies series with Beat Street (Beat Street Breakdown— RUAHHH!!!), and there’s more where that came from (I’m especially looking forward to seeing The Owls in Loring Park). Also, hoping to take the little man to his first Drive-In sometime soon, while we still have a few of those around. And next month They Might Be Giants will be performing here, for free, at the kid-friendly Day of Music at Orchestra Hall. I’ve already registered for this year’s Mama Gathering, the first time it will be held in my own backyard (unfortunately it’s the same weekend as Duluth’s Green Man Festival). So I’ve got plenty of ways to keep busy in my hometown…but that won’t necessarily keep my wanderlust in check.
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