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Special When Flashing

We took a brief break from the city this weekend and went up north. As it turns out, not only did I marry a lovely man, the deal was sweetened by the unexpected bonus…of extremely pleasant in-laws, who happen to have a great getaway spot. We all headed up Friday afternoon and came back down late Saturday night. Time was spent relaxing, snacking, goofing off at the rec center (the husband may be a pinball wizard, but I would have whooped his butt with the foosball…if the table hadn’t been out of commission), riding rented paddleboats down a man-made river, reading, playing trivial pursuit, and bbq-ing. And it was time well spent (click here to see the pictures to prove it).

Speaking of time…I can’t believe this much of it has passed, but it was five years ago today, with the little man kicking away in my belly and standing on my bladder, that I became landed gentry. I closed on my house June 20th, 1999. In some ways it seems like yesterday, in other ways a lifetime ago. I guess it really was the latter…the little man’s.
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