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Membership Has Its Privileges

Things were going too smoothly with this car sale. I knew something had to give. And it did. The buyer is set to come over this morning. We need to go to my credit union (which, it turns out, the buyer is also a member of), as I still have a bit to pay off on my loan before I can sell the car. I wanted to be prepared, to make sure that all the paperwork is in order, so I gave the credit union a jingle at 8am…when they were supposed to be open for the day. Instead I heard a hastily recorded greeting that was straight out of some bad sitcom. Turns out the location nearest my home is experiencing a power outage (don’t big businesses have backup generators and such?) and, as they are the headquarters, all branch offices are affected. You have got to be kidding me. The one and only day of the year that I really need them to be open…and they are down for the count. And who knows for how long. And the poor buyer? In his car, braving rush hour traffic, on the way here from the other side of the Twin Cities. Guess I should have gotten his cell phone number.
Update: It all worked out. Almost. The credit union was up and running by the time my buyer arrived. Afterwards we headed to the DMV for the title transfer, but it would have been at least a two hour wait…and we each had our young sons with us. We’ll try again tomorrow, sans sons.