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Your Mileage May Vary

What a Wednesday. I accomplished more in one day than I often do in a whole week, and I don’t think it was just the caffeine. Highlights: taking the little man to visit my Dad at his workplace (which would be at the SPPD’s new HQ) first thing in the morning. Taking the little man, and my VW Golf, to the Downtowner Car Wash for their deluxe interior/exterior cleaning. The real highlight there…while we were waiting the shoe shine man offered the little man an exterior cleaning. Apparently he makes this offer to a lot of little ones, but they’re usually too shy to accept. Not my kid. Now his tennis shoes look brand new again. The lowlight…I was too busy being amused to capture the moment with my camera. Doh. Afterwards we headed home, where I listed the Golf on CarSoup. The ad elicited nearly a dozen inquiries in less than twelve hours. Sadly they were inquiries that I didn’t have time to deal with immediately (yes, CarSoup had me swamped). After work I had a meeting regarding freelance web work, and it’s a project I’m very excited about (more on that to come). When I finally returned home, again, I did speak with one very persistent fellow…who rushed over for a test drive. Looks like I’ll be selling the car in the morning, which is a relief but makes me sorta sad. But we really don’t need two cars…and we really do need to reduce our monthly expenses. I wrapped up the day with the brand new episode of Angel that I had, thankfully, remembered to tape. The lowlight: I was distracted throughout by one of my cats playing cat and mouse with, well, a mouse. Eww. Enjoy these photos from the past week, in no particular order.

my hair is getting so danged long
creepy kitschy albino frog thingie
quality is king, and the little man its prince
and lo this toaster shall be known as orc's bane
dark horse presents
haruhala haruko with cosmic scooter
an agnostic boy and his easter basket