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The Wonderful World Of Yeast

The husband is a great baker man…he makes amazing galettes, cakes, cookies, and more. But he hasn’t had much experience with your yeast-induced rising-type delectables. This morning he, once again, attempted the creation of vegan caramel rolls. I awaited the results with bated breath…and was rewarded with a gooey, sticky mass of sweetness (though I could have done without the raisins). The rest of the weekend has been equally exciting. Spent my Friday night at the DMV with the new owner of my former vehicle. When I returned home from that adventure I’d been planning to wash dishes and make BBQ Tofu, but the husband beat me to the punch (yay!) on both counts. Saturday the little man and I skipped morning cartoons in favor of running around the backyard. After which we headed to brunch at Seward Cafe with our favorite Iowan-via-Canada. Brunch was my consolation prize for not being able to attend the Geek Prom with the cool kids. I’m waiting for recaps, but I guess the attendees are still recuperating. In other news, the little man was all hopped up and extra hyper yesterday. In the afternoon we stopped by a friend’s house, but I’ll bet she’s regretting having invited us. The boy was so out of control (in more ways than I care to recap) that we had to leave before long. His consolation prize was going back to our backyard. He’s been thrilled, as have I, to find neighbor kids his age to scamper about with. Yesterday afternoon saw escapades involving the Sea Lords line of water squirters, in the shape of seahorses, sharks, dolphins and fish. Good clean fun for a busy, hot day.
p.s. Often the best foods look the worst when photographed. I swear to you, this weekend’s brunches were quite yummy.

lane and the little man
lane and the green machine
zophia and baby o
a beautiful bouncing baby boy
the little man returns his library book
pretty flowering trees
pretty flowering trees
the little man's girlfriend gave him a gift
gooey mass of caramel rolls
homestyle super green earth breakfast
post brunch play today