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All The Stars Looked Just Like Little Fish

Too tired to create my own content this fine morning, so…
Dan on the run went to the corner store for a loaf of bread and came back with something unexpected.
Jason sees an upside to the bus strike.
There’s this girl child using a photo of mine, of my Dad (scroll down to her “Heroes” section), without permission…and she didn’t even bother to copy it. She’s linking directly to my site. I could totally mess with her if I were so inclined. Hmmm.
Found typography in Toronto and Typographical Art at Disneyworld.
The teapot is cracked.
Heard Hole’s Violet on Skonrokk the other night. I’d forgotten how much I love that song and wound up sending an email request to Radio K, who played it within a half hour. Now I can’t get it out of my head.
Sleater Kinney has a brand spanking new site.
In the “not in the budget” department:
Todd Oldham does La-Z-Boy.
The answer to my prayers…the Japanese Straight Perm.
Movies I’d like to see this weekend…Japanese Story and In America, but we haven’t got the time or the money.
Even better, I’d like to be heading down to SXSW this weekend, as Chuck and Lorika are doing…right this very moment. Sigh.