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As Good As It Gets

We’ve been having a pleasant weekend, all things considered. The weather’s been reminiscent of Reykjavik (rain, hail, gusty winds, sleet, snow and sunshine…all within the span of an hour). And since starting the second job, the husband’s sleep schedule has been even more out of whack than usual. So to leave him with a quiet house yesterday, the little man and I hung out with an old friend all afternoon…one of the few people I know who’d appreciate Small Wonders as much as I did. Afterwards he treated us to lunch at Evergreen (thanks Broccoli), then showed us around his new digs, replete with home studio…and a furnace brilliantly named the Indestructo. Today we caught up with the ladies while they were brunching. At one time they were roommates, and everyone still thinks of them as such…even though they’ve maintained separate residences, each living alone, since last Fall. But that is about to change. One of them is, alas, about to move in with someone else…other than Zophia, though that won’t stop the latter from assisting with the move. The former has been slowly moving items into the already occupied space, which we all went to check out today. I have to say it’s quite lovely and is little man approved. I foresee potlucks in its future (please?) but more moving in and unpacking will be required first. After a quick group trip to Target (where the four of us polished off a canister of dehydrated and reconstituted potato product in sickeningly record time), the little man and I left the ladies so they could get cracking. Back at the ranch I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to do something, anything…but I’m feeling pretty freaking blah today. Maybe the brisk walk to work tomorrow will liven me up a bit. Sigh.

hail nuggets
baby robots
small wonders
mr. t's better half
broccoli and spidey
sears brand indestructo furnace
broccoli's home studio
sicbay's equipment
the little man on broccoli's front stoop
behind the egg and i
POM wonderful
butterfly, with downtown minneapolis in the background
missy's teapot