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Your Lips Are Moving But I Can’t Hear What They Say

Four year-olds do not have magazine subscriptions. Well, not my four year-old, at any rate. Allow me to explain. Through his employer the husband has the most amazing health insurance plan ever, which the little man and I were added to last summer. A few months back this employer requested proof that the husband and I were, in fact, married. Fine, that’s easy enough. And some sort of proof that the little man lived with us (where else would my lovely child live? oy). It was a pain, but the husband dutifully gathered the appropriate materials and mailed them shortly after the request was made. Now, months later, we’ve received a letter saying that the little man and I will be dropped from the insurance plan, as they never received said materials. Grrrr. I’m sure they received them, but I’m guessing they accidentally wound up in the shredder or the recycling bin. So we have to jump through that hoop. Again. Though this time the husband is planning to send everything by registered mail. The kicker is, they want extra special proof that the little man lives with us (and I’m guessing this here weblog won’t qualify). The woman the husband spoke with asked if the little man had any magazine subscriptions delivered here. Heh. No, he generally does not receive any mail…other than that bill for his birth that was sent here before his first birthday (the insurance company refused to pay it because one character in his name was missing). So what do they want instead? They want us to get a letter from his new school, on official letterhead, stating that our boy lives here. All the school can attest to is that this is the address the school bus comes to, to pick up and drop off our child. Hopefully that will do the trick. Oh, and we have until tomorrow to send all of this out. Again. If we could afford to I’d have the husband legally adopt the little man asap. But that’s a whole ‘nother batch of red tape to deal with. Sigh.
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