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The Plot Sickens

What can I say about this madness, that The Onion hasn’t already summed up so succintly?

Bush Orders Iraq To Disarm Before Start Of War
WASHINGTON, DC—Maintaining his hardline stance against Saddam Hussein, President Bush ordered Iraq to fully dismantle its military before the U.S. begins its invasion next week. ‘U.S. intelligence confirms that, even as we speak, Saddam is preparing tanks and guns and other weapons of deadly force for use in our upcoming war against him,’ Bush said Sunday during his weekly radio address. ‘This madman has every intention of firing back at our troops when we attack his country.’ Bush warned the Iraqi dictator to ‘lay down [his] weapons and enter battle unarmed, or suffer the consequences.’

This business has me feeling disgusted, discouraged, and dejected. I think it’s appropriate that I’ve been listening to His Hero is Gone all morning.
“…surrounded by timeless symbols of oppression, social struggle, rock & roll and blues, His Hero Is Gone rose as a new voice for the voiceless victims of increasing globalization, terroristic urban policing, cultural alienation, and corporate greed.”