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Operator Error

I have a confession to make. I seem to have something of a kneejerk reaction…to blame Qwest. When any telecommunications-related problems arise in our household. Qwest does have a reputation for being evil. Or for providing extremely shoddy service, at least. So naturally when the DSL went wonky last night, we blamed Qwest. It still wasn’t working this morning, but I didn’t have time to investigate. So I asked J to. And just received this email from him about it:
“Ok, I figured it out. The little man unplugged the phone line from the back of your computer. It Works Better When You Plug It In.”
Doh! I’d forgotten to factor the monkey into this scenario. Last night we were hanging out in the computer room for a bit before his bedtime. With him sitting, literally, at my feet. He was quiet for a bit too long, come to think of it. Which is usually a sign of trouble…that he’s into something he shouldn’t be. But I just thought he was tired. Silly me. I mustn’t forget, constant vigilance! And not everything can be blamed on Qwest. Just most everything.