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This Is A Toaster With A Cowboy Hat On.

Everyone’s favorite hipmama, Ariel Gore, has written another book. Entitled “Atlas of the Human Heart“, it’s a part-novel, part-memoir recounting the wild ride through her teenage years. I just read a great interview with her, followed by an excerpt from the book. I was so excited I was ready to get the little man back in the car (we did an 8am grocery run, to beat the crowds) and head over to Ruminator to pick up a copy. I did have the sense to check their site first, though, and then disappointment set in. The book doesn’t come out until next month. Doh. And Ruminator doesn’t yet carry the other book I want anyway, “McSweeney’s Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales“. And yet a further disappointment, Ariel won’t be coming to town on her book tour. Oh well. Guess I’ll quit whining and wait it out.