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If The U.s. Attacks Iraq, Make Your Opposition Known!

So things are seeming pretty hopeless. We’ve raised our voices in protest, but at this point it’s just preaching to the choir. Those who are in power, legitimately or not, aren’t listening and/or don’t care. It’s official, fellow citizens, we’re living in a rogue nation (that goes for those of you “led” by the other two thirds of the unholy trio, my condolences). But that still doesn’t mean we have to roll over and accept it. United for Peace has some thoughts:
“War now appears imminent. If the bombs start falling, we call on you to join with United for Peace & Justice and other groups around the country in organizing emergency protests. However you choose to express your opposition to war - from silent vigils to loud marches to nonviolent civil disobedience - get out on the streets immediately and join with millions around the world in demanding an end to the bloodshed.”
I also like the idea of the Baghdad Snapshot Action campaign:
“Since February 2003, people have postered snapshots from Baghdad on street corners, in offices, and at schools around the world. Quiet and casual, the snapshots show a part of Baghdad we rarely see: the part with people in it.”
And there’s always Michael Moore for that extra little kick in the pants.