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The Lingering Damage

I’m sore in strange places today. Totally worth it. I am so enamored with my new (used) bike. Why yes, it is a sweet low rider. I first laid eyes on it the weekend before last, at The Hub, and obsessed about it all week. I finally made it mine Friday afternoon. But in order to transport this thing of beauty home…I had to loosen the handlebars enough to fold those giant ape hangers down, just to get my hatchback shut. I have no fancy bike rack but I don’t care. The weather was gorgeous over the weekend and I spent much of it just tooling around the hood. One neighbor contemplated my bike for a moment before declaring it to be “very arty.” Not sure if he meant it as a compliment or a diss but I don’t care because I AM IN LOVE. My new favorite thing is to ride it on the street while my son zips along on his razor scooter on the sidewalk next to me. It is in those moments, with the wind blowing through our hair, that we can forget about all our worries (particularly how brutal our allergies have been lately). If only for a little while.

Five good things, Monday edition:

  • A photo I took of a friend ages ago was just used by, in this post: The Trouble With String Theory. Amusing. But it would have been even more so if they’d used one of the crotch shots instead.
  • Saturday morning we had some lovely ladies over for brunch. We ate on the sunny front porch and had our first water gun battle with the neighbor kid, in March! What? So strange.
  • At our old house we had a fire pit. But it was some cheapass thing I’d picked up at Home Depot, made of clay, and it had started crumbling not long after I bought it. So I left it behind. It wouldn’t have survived the move. This time I’ve done it right (I hope). I did more research and read a lot of reviews before buying this BALL OF FIRE. It will be delivered tomorrow. Over the weekend the kid and I procured some free wood to burn in it. We’re excited.
  • The amazing Smack Shack food truck is now going to have a bricks and mortar location as well. Speaking of food trucks…I am filled with regret. Friday night I should have stopped to photograph the Taco Taxi on Lake Street. A person in a panda suit was standing out in the street next to it and it would have made a wonderful shot. Hopefully it’ll happen again.
  • 13 More Modern, Mobile & Modular Tiny House Designs - maybe some day I’ll buy some land and my son and I can have side by side tiny houses. I enjoy that notion.

Last night I broke down and saw the Hunger Games with the man friend. I’ve read the books and he hasn’t but we both thought that the pacing was slow and the intensity too low. The movie felt like a missed opportunity for dystopian sci fi as social criticism. Battle Royale is SO much better. And Gattaca will always be tops. I was more enthused about a preview that played before the movie, for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Mostly because Timur Bekmambetov directed and I love him above all others, for the way he uses humor while making violent yet thoughtful action films. But this is not a week for thoughtful violence. It is a week for friends and FIRE. Hoping to have the fire pit set up and ready to go in time for the arrival of our out of town house guest / Red Owl Crew reunion.

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