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Cue The Rock-out Emoticon

Turns out those punks at City Pages online had erroneously reported that last night’s show was cancelled. Yesterday morning I got a hold of someone at the venue. They were not at all pleased when I informed them of the fudge-up, but at least it was a sold out show (so ticket sales were not affected) and Zophia and I were able to proceed as planned. Though we were both thoroughly exhausted by the time the show rolled around. Thankfully The Owls were entertaining as always, and Andrew Bird, well, he was as intense as ever. Words fail me.

Next Friday night, September 30th, the Minnesota RollerGirls will be bashing it up at their Season Opener, and it’s even near my house! That very same evening Serenity will be screening at theaters everywhere, at long last. Browncoats, on the big screen. Be still my heart.

Also exciting, next month will see the start of the 6th annual Sound Unseen Festival. One of the highlights, for me, will be the Nick Cave documentary, The Myth.

And I would love to be on board the Xingolati Groove Cruise, sailing from Long Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico on October 14 through 17, with the Flaming Lips, G. Love and Special Sauce, Banyan, DJ Logic, Slightly Stoopid, Particle, DJ Greyboy, Medeski, Martin & Wood, et al. But then we’d miss the field trip, planned by the little man’s school, for all the students’ families to go hang out that weekend at a local apple orchard. And the dorky-mom in me is definitely looking forward to that.
Bonus: Oh the drama of the Minnesota Film Arts Board. It’ll be interesting to see what (and who) comes next.

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