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Unlawful to Pass

Lately, we’ve had plenty of good-to-great in our lives but that’s been mitigated by the downright draining. Falling into Fall. I’m working on reframing my reality so I don’t feel exhausted all of the time but it’s been an uphill battle. We took a weekend road trip recently, which was lovely, but left me feeling like I’d gotten that much more behind on all the tasks I need to manage. My To-Do list is overloaded. Trying to give myself frequent pep talks though.

Five things I have enjoyed:

  • I missed the bulk of this year’s Arab Film Fest but did make it to opening night, for Elia Suleiman’s It Must Be Heaven. It was a delight. Sparse on dialogue but overflowing with visual humor and absurd vignettes. So glad I saw it on the big screen.
  • New music from Trentemøller has been in my rotation so much it’s become the soundtrack to daily life. Soothing. But there’s been a surplus of other great new releases lately from a number of artists I enjoy. Kim Gordon. Uranium Club. Nick Cave.
  • Speaking of Nick Cave, I was lucky enough to catch his music + Q&A show at the Pantages recently. Seated shows can be a bit of a bummer for me, as a mostly unattached/single person. I’ve gone to many alone in the last year or two but it can be an isolating experience. Thankfully, I was able to have my adult step-niece join me and we had a lovely evening out. I’ve also seen Darsombra, Stereolab and William Tyler in the past couple of weeks.
  • The television adaptation of Stumptown (originally a great comic book) is easily one of the best things I’ve watched lately. So far just three episodes are out but I watched them all and was left wanting more, STAT.
  • Last weekend I took the kid to the MCBA FallCon, like you do. And he suited up in his cosplay, like he does. What was unusual? A good friend had flown in unannounced from the Bay Area and surprised me out front. It was so great to see her I nearly burst into tears.

I’ll admit, I have been overextending myself with obligations. So in my limited downtime, I need to focus on what brings me the most joy. To that end, I bailed on all plans today other than staying home in pajamas. And showering, only to change into fresh pajamas. Stress baking may have been involved as well.

Middle Eastern comfort food
single leaf
Maria and Me, cheek to cheek
Son with sunflowers
bumblebee, coming in for a landing
Fall colors
milkweed pods

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