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Thank You For Not Howling At The Wolves

May and June have been hard on my health and my nerves, with the property management company fighting me on mold abatement. But now I’ve signed the lease for our new place, reserved professional movers, begun packing and selling off unneeded stuff. I’ve had a visit with a pulmonary specialist (who agreed it was the mold making me sick and suggested I move). And I finally made an appointment for car repairs next week. Personal life - sorted! Then I poked my head up from my hidey hole and BOOM. This week the Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, the Janus Decision damages public sector unions by overturning 40 years of precedent and today there was another mass shooting in our gun-happy nation. Awful. Trying to stay positive for my health but it is hard.

Five Good Things for Friday:

The 4th of July holiday is smack dab in the middle of the week this year. I’m not taking any time off before or after but some old friends are hosting a backyard hang the day of. And another one of my closest friends is coming back to visit for a bit. At least I’ll have some socializing to mix in with tedious moving prep.

This poor fire bunny didn't survive the night

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