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Mind How You Go

A Monday birthday in one’s 40s isn’t all that. And that’s all right. There were a few happenings around town last night that would have been more compelling on a Saturday. Instead I enjoyed a quiet dinner with my son and some friends (dinner with three left-handed vegans, now there’s a unique demographic) at Namaste. Then went home to fall asleep on the couch halfway through a new episode of Endeavour. For today I had planned on a Pizza Farm adventure with a couple of friends but that had to be postponed. And that’s ok. I’m more flexible these days and not so easily disappointed. There are some upsides to aging.

Four Mostly Good Things for a dark and stormy Tuesday, and One Meh One:

My first day of 45 was solid. I worked from our current home then signed the lease for our new home. Also started listing some smaller items on ebay that I don’t want to move along with us. And I’ve made a big decision…to sell my audio components rather than hauling them to the new house, where it would just take up space and collect dust. This Saturday I’ll have a table at Extreme Noise’s Flea Market to send off some of my records to good homes. And on craigslist I will be letting go of an Onkyo turntable, Marantz PMD500 dual cassette deck and Sony 5-disc CD changer and more. Feels good.

slick steps
rising water

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