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Summer Vacation in Outer Space

We’ve been traveling a fair amount this summer, but not as a household unit. My son has had trips on his own, with his grandparents. And I’ve traveled with him. And my boyfriend went up North without us. And then I went to Missoula with him, but not my son. Much of the summer my son has been nearly off the grid. The past two weeks he was camping with no cell phone service. So it was bittersweet when I received a text from him the other day saying “remember Robin Williams” - without punctuation. More command than question, I would say. I think that’s the worst of the news he’s aware of. His autism makes him a bit oblivious sometimes. But right now that might be all right. The awful stuff is particularly overwhelming right now. The murder of an unarmed teenager and additional injustices in Ferguson, the suffering in Gaza and Syria and Iraq and elsewhere, the Ebola outbreak, the beheading of a journalist by ISIS. The news is bad all over.

Limping along with five good things:

Last night I attended my son’s high school open house, without him. Today we’re going there together, to wander around. He hasn’t set foot in the building yet and school begins on Monday already. Next week will be a busy one and it will take a while to adjust to our new schedule. But we’ve got to make time to for the MN State Fair. Particularly for the 4-H Lama Costume Contest.


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