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Possess the Right Thinking

My son departs again soon, for yet another trip to Seattle. I’m trying to pack in as much quality time as possible before then. Last weekend we attended an outdoor birthday party and walked around the Powderhorn Art Fair with old friends. Monday night we just barely made it in time to a screening of Back to the Future. In a park, with FIVE Deloreans parked nearby. And the owners did neat things like flashing their headlights at appropriate moments, or honking when the Delorean in the movie did. Last night we attended our neighborhood National Night Out Block Party. I made watermelon-feta-mint skewers and a three bean salad. We met a lot of nice folks and drank some home brewed beer, cherry cider and mead. And were ranted at by one crabby elderly lady, oof.

Five random items for this Wednesday:

While my son travels my boyfriend and I will be taking a couple of road trips ourselves. Both music related. One closer to home, at the Square Lake Film and Music Fest. And another to Missoula, MT for Total Fest. The schedule has finally been posted and there’s a music sampler up on bandcamp. But I have so much photo editing to finish before I can take off and enjoy myself. I did wrap up the volunteer work I did for the Family Tree Clinic and I’ve been chipping away at wedding work. Inching ever closer.

Toni spewing peanut butter pretzels

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