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A Fugitive Too Dull to Flee

I cry uncle. Or, as my son’s Dad would have us say, I yield to the merciless aggressor. Everything is horrible. The news has been overwhelming this week. The U.S. House of Representatives shamefully passed CISPA. Our local weather can be categorized as soul-crushing. My illness persists. I need to be transported. Mentally at least, if not physically.

Five things to divert my attention:

With yet more snow blanketing our region it seems like Spring will never come. We’ll just skip ahead, eventually, into summer. And summer of dresses. To that end I’ve been pinteresting dresses I would like to wear. Some day, when the weather cooperates. But that only induces more guilt about being brainwashed by our consumerist culture. I can’t win. And now more than ever I want off this rock. But all I’ve got is escapism. Elysium or Oblivion? Speaking of off of this rock and escapism…I also have access to watch the Lil Bub documentary in its entirety (the trailer posits that she is really an alien). I plan to tune out the rest of the world today and daydream about warmer and happier times.

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