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Shaky Moral Bearings

Feeling pretty defeated today. My ongoing illness isn’t helping. Nor is the media coverage of global and national events. Boston wtf? The day of the bombings Patton Oswalt’s message provided a good boost. And it was curious that as the news of the tragedy was breaking it was through twitter, and not mainstream media, that people urged caution in an attempt to curb bad reporting and wild speculation. We still don’t know what happened. Just that it was awful. All we can do is react after the explosions, talk about the history of the Boston Marathon, about the people who watch marathons and the people who run in them.

I’m trying not to be too distracted by it, or to despair. Attempting to stumble along and find something pleasant to be distracted by instead. Five good things:

Saturday morning I’m looking forward to taking my son to a bar. To Icehouse MPLS, specifically, to enjoy the music of Dreamland Faces - pictured below - covering the composer Alec Wilder while old school cartoons are shown on a big screen. Should be fun, if my surly teen son is still into that sort of thing. We’ll see.

Dreamland Faces and friends

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