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Humor, Whimsy and Melancholy

Last night we enjoyed a screening of Buster Keaton’s classic Sherlock Jr. at the Trylon Microcinema, accompanied by Dreamland Faces. It was lovely. And it sold out! (I suppose that’s not saying a lot, since it is a micro cinema but still). My son guffawed quite a bit, particularly at the physical humor. Thankfully the musicians welcomed audience reactions.

Five items of note for this Monday evening:

Later on I’ll get out to the Hack Factory for the Handmade Music series. If I can pull myself out of my air conditioning, that is, and force myself back into the thick of it. Feels like it’s been a particularly thick and hot summer. But it’s also gone speeding by. It’s already my son’s last week at summer camp. Then he’s off for an August of air travel with and without me. And then…JUNIOR HIGH.

John Henry and Manny

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