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Serpents in My Mind, Looking for Your Crimes

My Dad is an interesting guy, biological connection notwithstanding. And I’ve got him to thank - or blame - for my love of escapism. When I was perhaps a little too young I picked up his castoff copies of Omni magazine, Fangoria, Isaac Asimov paperbacks and more. Halloween was always the BEST holiday in our household and he would go whole hog hand crafting our costumes (often Star Wars themed). For a while now I’ve been meaning to better about documenting his creations, be they physical or textual.

For years now he has kept pen and paper next to his bed so he can write down his dreams. Occasionally he gives me these scraps of paper, for safekeeping. I really need to start transcribing them. I’ve begun with the batch from today in a new section I’m dubbing “Deep Thoughts With Werewolf Cop” - enjoy!

In other news it’s been another pleasant-but-muggy weekend. Highlights? Friday night we enjoyed touring band Guantanamo Baywatch at the Turf Club and yesterday we were soaked with sweat while wandering around the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow. So many neat bikes to look at. Particularly the DIY ones. Oh, and an older photo of my son turned up in the Twin Cities Daily Planet, eating some vegan ice cream from Izzy’s, like you do.

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow 2012

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