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The Acoustic Ambient

Over the holidays I was given a brand new bigass crock pot. I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I really need a miniature crock pot for one, as my son is so very picky and I can’t think of a single dish he would deign to eat that would be prepared in any crock pot (he prefers his foods to be served in divided dishes so they don’t touch). I happen to have all the ingredients on hand for this porridge-y looking vegan stew so that will be my inaugural attempt this week. Didn’t manage to get much cooking done over the weekend. It was jam-packed with activity. We made use of a Groupon for Thanh Do Friday night. I also attended two shows after. Saturday the lad and I enjoyed Studio Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arrietty and had Thanh Do leftovers for dinner. Saturday night we celebrated a friend’s birthday and I attended yet another show. Sunday I didn’t leave the house and that was as it needed to be.

Five good/bad/weird things:

Though I stayed in yesterday I did not watch the Oscars. I haven’t got the patience for award shows and all those self-congratulatory industry types. I did enjoy some snippets of snark gleaned from twitter and message boards. But this post-Oscars footnote made me sad: Los Angeles police say actress Sean Young arrested after scuffle at post-Oscars party. So much promise. So much crazy. Anyhow, I’m staying in again tonight, though a friend’s show at the Kitty Cat Klub is tempting. But I need some more quiet. Afraid I may be coming down with something. Just in time for our first big storm of the winter, if it happens the way it’s being hyped.

Katy Perry cover band

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