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Everything Was Inevitable

I am rethinking the wisdom of sending my son to North Carolina in August. Second summer of doing so. Second summer of HURRICANES. Last year it was Earl. This time it’s Irene. Just got off the phone with grandma who doesn’t think they need to evacuate. But is very much in battening-down-the-hatches mode. My stress levels have just spiked. Again.

Yesterday’s 6pm house showing dragged out. I left work super late and took my time getting home. Stopped at Super Target along the way. And yet the prospective buyers were *still* looking at my house at 7:15. I drove around the neighborhood a bit and came back. They were STILL THERE. Eventually I parked across the way, up the street a bit, and it was surreal. Like I was on a stakeout of my own house. These folks didn’t appear to be in any hurry. Just hanging out in my front yard. Seven of them. With a vacuum cleaner. And I haven’t heard anything yet about an offer from anyone. Despite the recent price drop. But someone from another recent showing left feedback that the new, lower price of $55k is still TOO HIGH for my house. Are you serious Wendy? “I will buy your house for five American dollars.” At this point I am so discouraged and bitter and resentful that I almost want to go into foreclosure, just so no one can snag my house for a fraction of what I’ve put into it, and still complain that it cost too much.

How about five good and/or weird things?

Deeeeeep breathing. Yes. And a shifting of focus to happy thoughts. I still have a few more days of fewer responsibilities while my son is away. I’m going to see more movies my son wouldn’t like. And eat at restaurants he would hate. And I was offered some premium seats for tomorrow night’s Twins game. And I’ll catch some more live music - like Bill Orcutt at Franklin Art Works on Saturday night, and I’ll possibly attend Sunday’s Theremin birthday party at the Hack Factory.

hey ladies!

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