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Arbitrary Destinies

The house is sooooooo quiet with my son away. I haven’t been getting *too* wild and crazy in his absence. Between seasonal allergies and stress I haven’t felt up to it. But taking it easy once in a while is all right with me. And doesn’t happen nearly enough anyhow.

Saturday I didn’t feel compelled to attend my 20th high school reunion. Instead I spent the day with someone I’ve been seeing. We started the afternoon off with a matinee showing of Fright Night (highly enjoyable, with a cameo from Chris Sarandon who played the vampire in the original), a trip to United Noodles, dinner at Midori’s Floating World Cafe, and then copious amounts of lounging at his place with cable television (a luxury item I’ve been without as an adult). I punked out on going to shows I’d intended to attend but it was a most excellent Saturday anyhow.

Much of my weekend was spent in the kitchen, which I enjoy. I put together a spinach cheese strata, to bake Sunday morning. While the oven was warmed up I whipped up a batch of blueberry-raspberry crumb bars. And then, for picnic club, chili lime mock duck tacos with kohlrabi slaw.

Five other very fine things:

  • A lovely co-worker joined me after work on Friday, for mani-pedis at a nearby nail salon. This is not a thing I usually do. Nor does he. And he let me pick out bright blue glittery nail polish for his toenails!
  • In general I think the zombie scene is overplayed (with pub crawls and whatnot). But these zombie wedding engagement photos were done JUST RIGHT.
  • I love Hendrik Kerstens and his photographs of his daughter Paula. Especially this one:
    “As a humorous reaction to this environmental problem he photo-graphed the plastic bag in the style of a seventeenth century cap.”
  • Tonight I’m headed to the Walker to see Fritz Lang’s Spies, with a twist. “At dusk the captivating chamber-folk sextet Dark Dark Dark unveil their new live score for SPIES and are joined by guest musicians and singers for a spellbinding evening of silent film and live sounds.” Looking forward to it.
  • I just acquired free tickets to an upcoming Twins game, and they are premium seats.

This morning my realtor called to see if I would authorize another price drop to $55,000. I told him to go for it because, honestly, at this point it doesn’t seem to matter very much. This latest price drop just means there will be an increase in the number of home invasions (aka “showings”). There’s already another scheduled for tomorrow morning. But even though the price is lower than ever it is still a buyer’s market and the buyers seem to feel pretty meh about my neighborhood. As do I these days. I’ve given it a solid effort. But I am ready to walk away. I think it’s high time to pack up our things and move the kid and I into a decent two bedroom somewhere before winter hits.

best photo ever

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