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Substituting Optimism for Reality

Last night I skipped out on happenings around town to catch up on sleep, which seemed like a solid plan, except that I then woke up at 5:30am this morning. Just as some friends were going to bed. And now the bulk of the day has been spent multi-tasking to the point of distraction, with only a few accomplishments under my belt. But I am ok with it. I adore Saturdays.

We could make up for lost time later, and head out to other events. There’s a new magazine in town called Crooked Teeth, and they’re having a launch party today. Today is also the grand opening of radical and progressive bookstore Boneshaker Books and they’re hosting a party tonight. And they are the new home of the Women’s Prison Book Project (whose annual pancake breakfast / booksale is coming up Saturday, February 12th).

In other news, Cake Eater Bakery’s new expanded menu was unveiled today, but only on location (not on their site or FB). I didn’t make it over there but did hear their weekend breakfast options now include awesome sounding omelets and biscuits & gravy. I plan to investigate tomorrow. I’ve also been hearing rave reviews about On’s Thai Kitchen and would like to give it a try sometime soon. But this lady isn’t made out of money. Speaking of which…Parker has been pestering me to take him to a hockey game. Particularly because we live so close to the Xcel Center and for years have driven through crowds clad in Minnesota Wild jerseys. But dang, even the cheap seats are spendy! It’s not at all like going to a St. Paul Saints game.

Instead of going anywhere later I may just stay home, again, and watch the pilot episode of Portlandia.

PORTLANDIA’s inhabitants include but are not limited to: the owners of a feminist book store; a militant bike messenger; an artsy couple who attach cut-outs of birds to everything (”put a bird on it!”); an organic farmer who turns out to be a cult leader; an adult hide and seek league; and a punk rock couple negotiating a “safe word” to help govern their love life. The first episode depicts Armisen and Brownstein meeting with the Mayor of Portland (Kyle MacLachlan) who solicits the duo to write a new theme song for the city. This segment features a cameo from the real mayor of Portland (Sam Adams) playing the assistant to MacLachlan’s “mayor.” Much of the series’ original music is written and performed by Armisen and Brownstein.

I remember seeing a bit of the original web shorts a few years back, a collaboration by SNL’s Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein. Now they’re back with IFC’s backing, for six episodes. Hopefully all will be available on Hulu.

Jon Davis

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