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Off The Map

We spent much of the long holiday weekend at home or close to it, and that was a-ok. We stepped out for a showing of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (not worthy, but now we know), sampling the new breakfast menu at Cake Eater, and sledding in an amazing nearby ravine. The kiddo and I also lounged with the cats, did some yoga together as well as some cleaning, re-shoveled the sidewalks, and baked a delicious apple pie. And I have a stack of new books to keep me company.

Five other good things for this Tuesday that feels like a Monday:

It isn’t all sunshine and apple pie though. The plans with the potential roommate are no longer happening, which is a bummer. And not just financially. But I don’t know how well my cats would handle a dog in the house anyhow. And this does give me more time with the Lady Cave, which is my favorite retreat in the winter months. But I refuse to give in to the mid-winter hermitude! We’ve scheduled a playdate - with actual children, rather than my child-like adult friends - for next weekend. And my new plumber friend just fixed our kitchen sink (which had been on the outs for nearly two years). And I am full steam ahead on scheduling shoots with my models, for a group art show in March. Hopefully it will warm up just a tidge so they won’t freeze their tails off out in the woods.

limbs and paws

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