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When the Party Winds Down

Yesterday I voted, but didn’t do any funny write-ins for Lizard People or Wendy or my friends (though I know more than one person who used my name as a write-in candidate for various judgeships - eep). Nor did I follow any election coverage, figuring it would all be settled in the morning and I could wake up to the results. Guess I was wrong! Looks like MN will be subject to another long, drawn-out recount. Yay.

Five good things for this day of post mid-term election madness:

The week has been full of minor disappointments. Found out the Robyn show is sold out. The elections have been discouraging. I finally went to the doctor to get my lungs checked out but results were inconclusive (not unlike the election). And I had to shell out $122 for the two inhalers I was prescribed. They seem to help a little, but I’m supposed to rinse my mouth out after using one (that doesn’t seem super safe). But the biggest downer? I hadn’t mentioned anything about the Bucklin family until now, hanging on to the hope that there would be a better outcome and the missing plane would be located, with all aboard alive. But yesterday’s news crushed that hope. My heart goes out to the family. And I can’t help think about how hard the upcoming holidays will hit them.


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