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Typically Halloween ends and the chaos of National Novel Writing Month begins. But I’m not going to attempt it this year. Sure, I may play along a bit at home, when I can, continuing to work on my sadly abandoned werewolf cop novel. But no way am I spewing out 2000 words a day. I will be channeling more energy, however, into collaborative art projects for some upcoming shows. Should be a pleasantly busy winter…to help combat the winter blahs - which threaten to begin early, with this ongoing lung aching I’ve been having. Wheeee! Or wheeeeeeeeeeze.

Five good things for November 1st:

Halloween may well be good and over but I’ve only recently gotten sucked into a BBC series about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who live together. And just this morning found out about a zombie movie called Otto or Up With Dead People. I will have to watch that after seeing the first episode of The Walking Dead, which is receiving favorable reviews so far. Also? Still going through a slew of Haunted Basement photos to upload. Soon!

Tomorrow we vote.

Jon kissing his dream girl


Rett and Revans

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