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Maybe So, Maybe No

We finally received news from the school district…about which school the lad will be attending in the Fall. Yay? Only it wasn’t our first choice. But I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the way the numbers shook out or if it was just a clerical error. Because the school we were assigned to was initially our first choice. But after touring another school I’d called to have that bumped to the second slot and the other school moved up to our number one. Looks like I need to call back. Though I am, once again, torn because both schools are pretty fantastic. Back to spinning my wheels on this one. Wheeee.

How about five good things?

The not so good news?

Yesterday’s Warlock estate sale was most definitely worth seeing, even if occultist Carl Weschcke no longer lived in the house. I only regret not being able to purchase the imposing throne-like wooden chair with creepy carved faces ($575!), or the emergency vampire kit or more of the amazing masks and paintings that were for sale. But I am enjoying the mask I did purchase. A few photos. Moving too slowly this morning. Need to get in gear for Free Comic Book Day and to get on top of various boring but necessary errands. Ready, steady, go.

great old book cover

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