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The Study Of Repeatable, Observable, Natural Phenomena

It could be said that the husband and I are not very skilled at prioritizing tasks. For instance, today is trash day. The husband could have cleared out our overflowing wastebaskets and rolled the big trash bin to the curb. Instead he ripped my recently obtained CDs (from Amoeba Records) and loaded up the iPod, so I would have something new to listen to today, in the car and at work. Can I complain? Yes. Too much? Well, no.
Bonus: Hillary has outdone herself. This time she has created a fleece version of His Noodly Appendage, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Another fabulous photo of it is here. This fleeceity is absolutely divine.
Plus: Been meaning to mention, our very own big Dave has now contributed to his second O’Reilly book, and this one has a cover now and everything (his first book had some sort of monkey on the cover, this time it’s a hawk of some sort).
And: Craziness. Last weekend Spacewaitress rented a taxi and drove people from Point A to Point B. She barely broke even, but it seemed to be an interesting experience at least.
And another thing: 7-how-7 on belated spring cleaning. I can relate.